Notice of Data Breach

Notice of Data Breach

We would like to advise you regarding a data breach that transpired within our company via a hacked email of one of our employees. The email in question was sent from the address: dated 07/04/2022, requiring recipients to enter their Microsoft login details through a corrupted folder link.

From what we have gathered from our investigation thus far, the breach originated externally from one of our service providers. We are still investigating the extent of the breach and the potential harmful effects thereof.

  1. The consequences of the Security Compromise:

There may be a possibility of recipients data being compromised which could involve, but is not limited to, identity theft, fraudulent misrepresentation, sensitive data being accessed by those unauthorised.

  1. Measures that RB/XSIT undertakes to address the security compromise:

We have implemented additional firewall security measures designed to prevent future attacks and to protect the personal information and privacy of our customers, suppliers, and relevant operators. Additionally, we have instituted the Incidence Response Committee who will oversee and protect against present and potential data breaches.

  1. Recommendation to our Data Subjects to mitigate the effects of the possible misuse of their personal information:

We recommend those affected review or have your I.T. departments review and change your Microsoft login details and otherwise similar passwords to protect yourselves from any potential harm.

We further recommend those affected review their banking card statements and report any suspicious activity to the relevant financial institutions. We deeply regret that this incident occurred and we shall notify you of any significant developments in our ongoing investigation.

We thank you for your understanding and please direct all queries or concerns to our Information Officer, Andre Moolman:


Andre Moolman

Chief Financial Officer