New Hand or Manual SIT Release Mechanism

New Hand or Manual SIT Release Mechanism

Note from the MD

For most the traditional festive season was anything but traditional. Not being able to freely visit family, relax with friends or even just go to the beach has put strain on everyone during this normal time of fun.

COVID-19 has also been present in our Addo and Port Elizabeth offices for the first time in the last months of 2020 while at the same time a few cases have been experienced in the Citrusdal facility.

For the safety of us all and in the interest of the crucial services we provide to our customers the most impressive revelation out of all of this is however how these cases have been managed and controlled by all involved to prevent significant spread within our organization. Well done to all and stay vigilant.   

Cheers Rob

The two main platforms for commercial SIT moth release are by helicopter or by hand / manual. Hand releases are mainly used where orchards are covered by nets, and we see this increasing all the time, or where the immediate area covered is too small to deploy releases by means of a helicopter.

To date hand releases were done from petri dishes that were used  to  deliver moths  to specific precalculated positions within the orchard.

This method has now been replaced with an improved manual release method designed, manufactured and tested with the assistance of Apex Engineering in Port Elizabeth.

This improved release unit mounts on the front carrier of the quadbike. Not only does this method ensure a continuous release of moths with improved distribution but they are also fitted with a variable speed drive connected to the rear axle of the quad bike allowing for an adjustment in moth quantity being delivered to match the variation in the speed of the quad.  A total of 12 units have been deployed covering all areas and excellent  results  have been obtained thus far.

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