Results have been quite spectacular as shown by the following graphs:


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Comparison of the average recaptures of wild FCM within the area where SIT is done and the area, within the same valley, where traditional control practices are done:

The introduction of the SIR program has led to a marked reduction of the feral fcm population in the Citrusdal-Clanwilliam area, in the Western Cape, South Africa, as clearly shown below:



Our current clients are commercial citrus farmers within the Olifants River Valley and for reference purposes their contact details may be obtained from our offices.

Future expansion and projects:

  1. 1.Commercial releases are also done on various deciduous varieties and pomegranates, with excellent results.

  2. 2.Trials in other citrus areas in South Africa have been conducted, specifically in the Letsitele areas, with the aim of expansion to those areas as soon as possible.

  3. 3.Further expansion into other varieties affected by FCM in Southern Africa.

  4. 4.Possible alliances with the producers of other sterile insects that are a commercial pest.

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A successful first season of releases has been conducted in the Sunday’s River Valley in the Eastern Cape. Results have been nothing short of spectacular, with a reduction of the average wild fcm numbers by between 50% and 500%, depending on the area: