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The concept of Sterile Insect Release (SIR) on FCM requires that releases of these sterile insects should be done at a certain minimum ratio of FCM steriles compared to the wild FCM population. According to Hofmeyr et al, this should be at least a ratio of 10:1. This monitored with the use of the Delta FCM trap, using a Lorelei pheromone dispenser which attracts male FCM.

Delta Trap:

Xsit has a team of skilled monitoring personnel who monitor this ratio on a weekly basis. This data is used to determine in which areas this minimum ratio is not being maintained, so that the amount of sterile FCM that is release within that area will be increased so that this minimum ratio can be maintained.

Releases of sterile FCM are conducted twice per week on every area that we are contracted to apply SIR. This is necessary due to the short lifespan of the moth-stage within the lifecycle (approximately 4 to 5 days in warm to hot temperatures), so that a healthy population of sterile FCM are maintained at all times. Releases are conducted with Gyrocopters:

Release Vehicles:

Commercial releases are currently conducted in the Western and Eastern Cape, on 8000 hectares planted with citrus trees, aimed at various export markets, but specifically the lucrative USA market.

FCM Mating:

The pheromone emitted by the female FCM, whether wild or sterile, attracts male FCM, whether wild or sterile. Therefore the higher the population of sterile FCM in comparison with the wild population, the less likely it will be that a successful mating between a wild female with a wild male will take place.

Mating between sterile and wild FCM ensures no offspring and if any, they are sterile males, which do no damage, while mating between a sterile male and female have no offspring.

In this way less and less successful matings between wild male and females occur, thereby reducing the overall population of FCM.

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