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The control of T. leucotreta (FCM) on a commercial basis through the application of the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT).

SIT is an integrated pest management system whereby masses of FCM are reared, sterilised and released in areas where FCM are a problem. Releases are done on a continuous basis, by XSIT, for a period of 10 months stretching from September to June with double releases between November and April.


SIT is an area-wide technique which requires releases on all cultivars that are a host to T. leucotreta. It is vital to cover all possible areas which may harbour FCM, so that an area of low-pest-prevalence may be attained below economic thresholds.


T. leucotreta is endemic to Africa, south of the Sahara, and obtained phytosanitary status in most of these countries. They can gain resistance against pesticides in a relatively short period of time, thus, it can be very difficult to control on a commercial scale.

After the erection of the insectarium in Citrusdal, commercial releases started in November 2007 over approximately 1,600 hectares. In the following seasons, the program has expanded to over 4,000 hectares in the valley. Because of the success of the program, this area-wide pest integrated program was also introduced in other regions such as the Sundays River Valley, Gamtoos River Valley (Eastern Cape), Hex River Valley (Western Cape) and the Orange River Valley (Northern Cape). Today more than 18,000 hectares of citrus and table grapes gain from this program.